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Bob Fass, Paul Lovelace & Jessica Wolfson, Radio Unnameable

Host Jeannie Hopper talks with Jessica Wolfson and Paul Lovelace, directors and producers (as well as co-editing by Lovelace) of the 2012 documentary Radio Unnameable, along with the focus of the film, free form radio pioneer, legendary WBAI radio host and producer Bob Fass, who joins by telephone!

Along the way they discuss Fass' influence on the counter-culture movement, New York City and radio itself. Fass' and his listener's "Fly-In" at JFK and "YIP-In" at Grand Central are now seen as precursors to Occupy Wall Street, events that have upheld the voice of the people, freedom to assemble and freedom of speech. Hopper and guests also delve into the politics that divided WBAI, led producers to "revolt and riot" and ended with Fass' termination. His number one commitment being his listeners, Fass still believes that radio is "not in the interest of the media magnets of the world, not in the interest of the government, but [in the interest of] the people."


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