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Art Radio Holiday Special

This Christmas mix of audio is a favorite for several reasons:

Highlights include a memorable rendition of Silent Night, played on that sadly underrated instrument, the marimba, a version of Let It Snow from the library of WFMU's The Professor, full of honesty and good cheer, a touching letter from a father to his 10-month-old son, describing his own first Christmas, and fully amplified kids ready for presents belting out their praises to Santa. It all ends with a letter from Francis Vaccaro thanking her parents for their efforts, with a musical background chosen by Francis herself.

Joy to The World - Zither Solo by E.B. Mann
Let It Snow, Singing from the Audio Kitchen Library
12-27-44, Carols by the Gruesome Twosome
55' Christmas for Their Son
Family Christmas - Sherry Family
Malice Nabbia - Courtney
Silent Nite - Marimba (Bob + Helen)
Santa Claus is Coming to Town
A Christmas Letter, 12-6-46, Francis Vaccaro, California Collection


Lost and Found Sound


Found-audio archivist and multi-media artist Brian Belott and partner Peter Pezzimenti host this series of lost recordings, abandoned tapes, forgotten disks, orphaned voices, errata, garbage, and random audio documentation of American detritus and treasure.