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Armory Show 2006: Heiss, Deitch, Gladstone & Von Habsburg

In a segment she called Large Scale Art Projects, Who Pays? then P.S. 1 Director Alanna Heiss gathered gallerist/collector/curators Jeffrey Deitch and Barbara Gladstone and collector/philanthropist/museum owner Francesca Von Habsburg at the 2006 WPS1 Armory Show radio booth and, graciously, held their feet to the fire. Fascinating, consequential, and full of revelations.


The Armory Show: 2003 - 2008


The Armory Show is a selection of ARTonAIR, WPS1 and Clocktower coverage of the art fair since 2005, where we frequently operated from a cozy corner module in Manhattan's West Side piers. The show occupied a half-dozen-football-fields' worth of this riverside real estate carpeted in art, and open to the public for five frequently snowy, icy days in March. WPS1 was the official Internet radio station for The Armory Show from 2005 to 2008. AIR now covers the show and the surrounding satellite fairs using roving correspondents and remote recording devices in addition to our own Clocktower Productions and familiar menagerie of producers and experts.