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All Bases Covered

Is poetry the proper response to world events? This may be the only place you'll ever find an answer! Certainly nowhere else on radio will you hear Ed Dorn's "Gunslinger" coupled with Russian poetry from Klebnikov and Ahkmatova (in English), while an impromptu screed about the budge deficit gets a boost from a Philip Larkin poem about money. What conclusion can we reach from such variety? If you're asking Glenn O'Brien and Max Blagg, the answer must be a 1965 love poem to John Ashbery, from the English poet Lee Harwood. All bases covered. Of course.


Bald Ego Online


The late arts writer Glenn O'Brien and poet Max Blagg hosted the Bald Ego Online series from 2005-2006, featuring Duncan Hannah, Ron Padgett, Anna Akhmatova, Donald Barthelme, an Anthology of New York Poets, and more. 
After O'Brien passed away in 2017, Clocktower re-introduced the series in remembrance of the writer's life in the New York art scene. He will be sorely missed.   

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