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After 9/11 (Making It Real)

WE ARE AT WAR - to acknowledge this fact we have a special multi-show event with our very special guest Clayton Paulding, (who up until recently was Sergeant Clayton Paulding). Recently returned to civilian life, Clayton's military life included a year tour in Iraq preceded by a year in the DMZ in Korea. Clayton saw active combat and was wounded. If you have listened the previous Papa's Got a Brand New... shows you'll recall we played music and talked with him about Iraq.

In this post-9/11 edition, Clayton talks about enlistment and basic training. Accompanying our conversation is a set of tunes Clayton prepared to be the soundtrack for the interview.


01 Grey Area - Hold On Tight

02 Track 3 from Deep Dish in Toronto

03 Gang Starr - This Life

04 Van Halen - Sinner's Swing

05 Paul Van Dyke - All I Need

06 Bouncing Souls - Better Life

07 the People Under the Stairs - Diggin' In the Crates

08 Alvredo & Matthew Dekay - Symbiosys (from Sander Kleinenberg's Everybody)

09 Track 10 from Seoul Lounge

10 Strung Out - Broken

11 Strung Out - Mad Mad World



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