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A Tribute to Andy Palacio, Garifuna

Garifuna artist, Andy Palacio passed away suddenly at the age of 46 in January 2008. He is a national hero to the Garifuna people and the population of Belize. Through his musical creations he's preserved the roots of Garifuna rhythms and language, as well as preserving the history through his lyrics; telling the stories passed on from generation to generation and current history and struggles of the Garifuna culture. It seemed as if the entire country of Belize gathered for his funeral march through the streets and Garifuna drumming was heard in commemoration throughout the country for days with Palacio's music constantly playing on the radio.

Palacio's album "Watina" had just won the most prestigeous world music award, WOMAX along with Ivan Duran in 2006 as Watina internationally garnered praise and charted all over the world raising awareness for the endangered Garifuna culture. Ivan Duran's label, Stone Tree has long been dedicated to capturing Garifuna artists which includes Andy Palacio, Aurelio Martinez, Paul Nabor and others. Enjoy this smidgen of amazing Garifuna music that only begins to touch on the incredible catalog of musical gems Andy Palacio has left on his own label Cumbancha, as well as Stone Tree, in keeping alive the Garifuna culture for many generations to come! Starting off with the song "Roots" by Andy Palacio and finishing up with his track "Jammin," this show also includes artists like Aurelio Martinez, Lugua & the Larubeya Drummers and more!


Indigenous Worlds


From homegrown grassroots movements, tradition, and musical experimentation comes a wide and international array of musicians who put their own spin on national and indigenous music. Sometimes rupturing the traditions of the past and sometimes affirming them, the songs of these shows spring from the porches of the world.