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Moving on to Philadelphia, Christopher Kardambikis talks to Nerissa Cooney, Lauren Downey, and Ricky Yanas at Ulises.

Ulises is a bookshop and curatorial platform dedicated to artists’ books and independent art publications. Performing the model of a quarterly periodical, each curatorial season invites contributors to present publications, workshops, lectures, artworks, and collaborations in response to a given theme.

Nerissa Cooney is an arts organizer, exhibition and graphic designer. She likes to bear in mind the Japanese word shokunin, which means craftsman or artisan, but implies a larger idea of social consciousness with an obligation to work one’s best for the general welfare of people. She loves sailing even more than she loves coffee.

Lauren Downing is a Philly-native that works at ICA as the Curatorial Assistant, while earning her M.A. in the History of Art at Penn.


Gee Wesley is an artist and organizer born in Monrovia, Liberia. Wesley is the current Spiegel-Wilks Curatorial Fellow at the Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania.

Ricky Yanas (b. 1984) is a Texas born artist, curator, and educator based in Philadelphia, PA. He received his Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Texas at Austin in 2011. In his work, he utilizes photography, painting, sculpture, and installation in to highlight and link activist traditions and struggles that weave through a multitude of aesthetic, philosophical, and political histories. He is currently a member of the artist-run gallery Tiger Strikes Asteroid Philadelphia and teaches video at Moore College of Art and Design.


Paper Cuts


Paper Cuts is an exploration of the contemporary world of zines and DIY publishing. Hosted by Christopher Kardambikis, each program features writers, performers, and artists who have shared their work in print, on paper, and in small editions. Zines are truly dynamic publications that have built and supported engaged communities around ideals, experiences, genres, music, politics, poetry…anything that can be printed, shared, and/or mailed. The series will act as a cross section of this varied landscape and rich history. Listen to voices that would normally live in your hands and demand your eyeballs.

Art Unfiltered


Art conversations with working curators, artists, and musicians on topical issues.