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The Kalup Linzy Variety Show


The Kalup Linzy Variety Show features original material by Kalup Linzy based on characters and themes from his video and performance work. The show is hosted by Labisha (the diva) with Linzy appearing in interview segments with special guests.



Lady Liberty: Tragic Story of a Torch Singer
Tribute to Natalie Cole
The Gospel According To...
Edition #11: Preach!
Edition #10: Season Two Premier
Edition #9: How Kontessa Got Her Groove Back
Edition #8: Raunchy Business, Pt. 2
Edition #7: Labisha's Top 5 Break Up Songs
Edition #6: Independent Hits
Edition #5: Woman to Woman
Edition #4: Melody Set Me Free
Edition #3: Skits and Songs
Edition #2: Telling It Like It Is
Edition #1: Raunchy Business