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The Island

The Island radio series, produced and presented by curators Victoria Brooks and Andrew Bonacina, regularly presents on-site recordings of UK-based performance, music, panels and artist interviews.

The Island also partners with the Clocktower Gallery on The Island Studio Sessions, a long-term research project that includes a series of residencies, exhibitions and radio broadcasts. The first two residents as part of the project are UK-based artists Haroon Mirza and Hannah Sawtell. These residencies are made possible by a collaboration between The Island (Andrew Bonacina and Victoria Brooks, curators) and the Clocktower (Alanna Heiss, curator).

The Island is an itinerant non-profit organisation that develops curatorial projects in dialogue with international partners. The Island is committed to a collaborative model for working with organisations and artists across the globe to explore the critical potential of cultural exchange.


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Studio Dispatches, Part 4
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Sleepover, Serpentine Gallery