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New York-based Brazilian music producer and A&R Béco Dranoff hosts this monthly, hour-long radio program dedicated to modern and classic Brazilian music. Each episode focuses on a theme or genre to bring listeners a fast-moving and inclusive panorama of the best in the rich plethora of Brazilian musical styles. Concentrating on the music and light on the talk--save the odd special interview or another--Sonoridade will entertain and educate novices and aficionados alike, broadening the appreciation of Brazilian music around the world.

A Brazilian Treasure Béco Dranoff and The Archive of Contemporary Music have compiled links to thousands of Brazilian music videos, industry contacts, recordings, events, essays and databases on a new site: Brazilian Music Day.



Patricktor4 Mixtape
BRAZA Mixtape: Bahia Bass 03
Música Moderna #22
Música Moderna #21
Brasil Summerfest 2015
Brazil Supernovo Mixtape 2015
Relax! 70's Brazilian Rare Groove Gems
Musica Moderna #20
The Day We'll Make Contact: A Lenine Special
Musica Moderna #19
Jorge Ben Jor Tribute
Musica Moderna #18
Feliz Ano Novo 2014 Mix Tape
Corpo e Alma (Body & Soul): Standards in a Brazilian Style
Música Moderna #17
Marcos Valle: The Eternal Boy From Rio
Musica Moderna #16
Brasil Summerfest 2014
Musica Moderna #15
Tecnobrega: Lambada on Acid
The Soul of Samba Jazz (aka Jazz Samba)
Música Moderna #14: Mashing Culture Since 1500
Loud Speakers: Bahian Heart Beats
Adventures in Brazilian Sounds
Musica Moderna 13
The Brazilian Sounds of Lisbon
Non-Stop to Tokyo 2
Musica Moderna #12
The Return of SambaSoul
Musica Moderna #11
Musica Moderna #10
Non-Stop to Tokyo
Musica Moderna #9
Musica Moderna #8
Gilberto Gil Tribute
A Cabeça Música: Caetano Veloso 70 Years Young
Musica Moderna #7
The Parallel (Brazilian) Universe of Maga Bo
Brazil Re-covered: A Summer 2012 Special
Brasil Summerfest 2012
Afro-Brazil-Afro, Heartbeats from the Motherland
2nd Anniversary Mash-Up Special
Brazil Remixed + Recomposed
Words & Melody Alchemy
Música Moderna #6
BrazzJazz: Brazilian Jazz & Other Tropical Moods
Music of Tim Maia
Música Moderna #5
The Brazileuros
Música Moderna #4
Tropicália's OVNI's (UFO’s): The First Wave
A Taste of Red Hot + Rio 2
Red Hot + Rio (circa 1996)
Chico Buarque: A Master of Words and Melodies
Into the Soul of Samba
Feira De Musica Brasil
Antonio Carlos Jobim Birthday Tribute Show
Elza Soares: Samba, Jazz & Soul
A Trip to WOMEX
Musica Moderna #3
RecifeNation: Mangue, Music & Mud
Hippie Power: Os Novos Baianos
Música Moderna #2
Sons & Daughters: The New Brazilian Classics
Música Moderna #1