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Established in 2004 by curator and art historian RoseLee Goldberg, PERFORMA is a non-profit interdisciplinary arts organization committed to the research, development, and presentation of performance by visual artists from around the world. Throughout the year, PERFORMA presents lectures, panel discussions, and workshops on an ongoing basis that explore the relationship between performance and the visual arts. was the official radio partner of Performa09, Performa07 and Performa05. The third edition of the internationally acclaimed biennial was held in New York City in November 2009, showcased new work by more than 150 artists, and was presented in collaboration with a consortium of more than 80 arts institutions and 40 curators, as well as a network of public spaces and private venues across the city. is also home to recordings of Not for Sale, a dynamic series of symposia on visual arts performance presented by PERFORMA. These sessions are organized by RoseLee Goldberg, Founding Director, and Defne Ayas, Curator, PERFORMA.


Not for Sale: Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes
Not for Sale: It's History Now: Performance Art and the Museum
It's History Now: Performance Art and the Museum
Not for Sale: Have You Kicked a Building Lately?
Mike Kelley, Destroy All Monsters
PERFORMA 2009: A Fantastic World Superimposed on Reality: Joan LaBarbara & John Duncan
PERFORMA 2009: A Fantastic World Superimposed on Reality: Z'EV
PERFORMA 2009: Mike Kelley, Day Is Done
PERFORMA 2009: A Fantastic World Superimposed on Reality: Genesis Breyer P-Orridge
PERFORMA 2009: Mariana Castillo Deball & Irene Kopelman, Zeno Reminder
PERFORMA 2009: Paul Elliman, Sirens Taken for Wonders
PERFORMA 2009: Michael Smith
PERFORMA 2009: Paul Elliman Interview
PERFORMA 2009: Michael Portnoy & Sarina Basta
PERFORMA 2009: Ahmet Ögüt
PERFORMA 2009: Candice Breitz
PERFORMA 2009: Aurélien Froment and Youri Dirkx
PERFORMA 2009: Yeondoo Jung with RoseLee Goldberg
PERFORMA 2009: Yeondoo Jung with Leeza Ahmady
PERFORMA 2009: Arto Lindsay
PERFORMA 2009: Guido van der Werve
PERFORMA 2009: Omer Fast
PERFORMA 2009: Terence Koh
PERFORMA 2009: Luciano Chessa, Luigi Russolo, and the Intonarumori
PERFORMA 2009: Brandon Stosuy & Brody Condon
PERFORMA 2009: Meg Stuart
PERFORMA 2009: Pasta Sauna
PERFORMA 2009: Alicia Framis
PERFORMA 2009: Guy Ben-Ner
PERFORMA 2009: Opening Night & Fischerspooner
PERFORMA 2009: Alex Singh
PERFORMA 2009: Jen DeNike
PERFORMA 2009: Warren Fischer & Casey Spooner
PERFORMA 2009: Kalup Linzy
PERFORMA 2009: Lisa Kirk
PERFORMA 2009: Preview with RoseLee Goldberg
PERFORMA 2007: Tor Lindstrand and Mårten Spångberg
PERFORMA 2007: Tris Vonna-Michell and Gabrielle Giattino
PERFORMA 2007: Tamy Ben-Tor
Sanford Biggers
PERFORMA 2007: Cesare Pietroiusti
PERFORMA 2007: Xavier Le Roy
PERFORMA 2007: Tania Bruguera
PERFORMA 2007: You Didn't Have to Be There (Photography, Performance, and Contemporary Art)
PERFORMA 2007: Pablo Bronstein
PERFORMA 2007: Eva and Franco Mattes
PERFORMA 2007: Allan Kaprow (Art and Life)
PERFORMA 2007: Adam Pendleton
PERFORMA 2007: Lu Jie and Qiu Zhijie, Long March (The Thunderstorm is Slowly Approaching)
Performa 2007: Mathieu Copeland and David Medalla
PERFORMA 2007: David Adamo and Gabrielle Giattino
PERFORMA 2007: Serkan Özkaya
PERFORMA 2007: Marie Cool and Fabio Balducci
PERFORMA 2007: Dave McKenzie
PERFORMA 2007: Karl Holmqvist
PERFORMA 2007: Darren O'Donnell
PERFORMA 2007: BYOF - Bring Your Own Flowers
PERFORMA 2007: Brock Enright
PERFORMA 2007: Overview with Defne Ayas
Not for Sale: Forever Radical?
PERFORMA 2005: Bernar Venet and Coco Fusco
PERFORMA 2005: Closing Night at the Bowery Ballroom
PERFORMA 2005: Gelitin's Tantamounter 24/7
PERFORMA 2005: Carey Young, Consideration
PERFORMA 2005: Jesper Just
PERFORMA 2005: Melik Ohanian's Cosmograms
PERFORMA 2005: Rene Daalder
PERFORMA 2005: Sharon Hayes
PERFORMA 2005: 24-Hour Incidental
PERFORMA 2005: Tamy Ben-Tor
PERFORMA 2005: Jens Hoffman
PERFORMA 2005: Bernar Venet and Michelle Handelman
PERFORMA 2005: Gala Opening of Jesper Just's True Love is Yet to Come
PERFORMA 2005: Laurie Simmons
PERFORMA 2005: Lea Rekow with Pablo Helguera
PERFORMA 2005: Francis Alÿs
Not For Sale: New Media and Sound
Not for Sale: Artist's View
PERFORMA 2009: Not for Sale: Noise Panel