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BOMB Magazine


Founded in 1981, BOMB Magazine is a not-for-profit quarterly. Started because its early editors saw a disparity between the way artists talked about their work among themselves and the way in which it was described by critics, BOMB aims to reveal, intimately and intellectually, an artist's creative process through in-depth conversations between peers. Over the past quarter century it has become one of the leading magazines on American culture. BOMB interviews are primary documents of American cultural history; its archive consists of more than 800 historical records comprising the voices of 1,400 major figures in the arts. The BOMBLive! series was launched in 2001 and has included interviews with Philip Lopate, Carroll Dunham, Rick Moody and Peter Carey, among others.

NB: Clocktower Radio was launched by MoMA/PS1 in 2004 as the Web's first art radio station. It has been independent since 2009 and is licensed to host content created under PS1 management. Programs produced prior to 2011 may refer to our earlier URLs and station IDs, including,, and Art International Radio. For the complete history of Clocktower Radio, read our Mission & History section. 




Heidi Julavits, The Vanishers
Paul La Farge, Luminous Airplanes
Margaret Zamos-Monteith, Borders
Erica Hunt, My Life with Cars
BOMB Bash 2011
Charlie Smith, Three Delays
Joshua Furst, Black Ice and The Sabotage Café
The Americas Issue: Colombia and Venezuela
Betsy Sussler
Frederic Tuten, The Bar on Tompkins Square Park
BOMB Magazine 25th Anniversary Gala
BOMB Magazine 25th Anniversary Gala: Delphine Blue
Chris Abani and Colm Tóibín
The Figure in Narrative, Part 3: Lorenzo Pace and Patricia Spears Jones
The Figure in Narrative, Part 2: Dana Schutz and Mei Chin
The Figure In Narrative, Part 1: Eric Fischl and A.M. Homes
Gary Indiana, The Shanghai Gesture