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Zeljkovision Tarot Parlor

Zeljko McMullen opens the doors of his installation, the Zeljkovision Tarot Parlor, dedicated to the contemplation of cosmic polarities. The video and music in McMullen's "parlor" are mandalas derived from recordings of live rituals invoking the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot. His immersive experience also utilizes textiles, drawings, personal and religious memorabilia, and 400 lbs. of salt.

Through the 27th, McMullen accepts appointments inside his space at the Clocktower for personal tarot readings, spiritual guidance, and meditative inebriation. To RSVP, email him at

McMullen's work provides a release from the information saturation of present-day society, through projections from multiple sources which collide in one focal point, to create a new compound reality. "In my work, I utilize sounds and images to deconstruct the present space of the experiencer, replacing it with a perpetually shifting mythical architecture." McMullen dips in and out of every medium possible and creates musical recordings, video rituals, and performance pieces pertaining to metaphysical and philosophical archetypes.

Born in Massillon, Ohio, McMullen received his BFA from the Oberlin Conservatory of Music and studied at Bard for his MFA. Since, his work has been exhibited at many established galleries in New York, as well as China, Germany, Norway, U.K and Spain. From September 6th 2006 until April 2010 he co-curated Paris London New York West Nile performance space and gallery.

To access the artists' website and view video works, click here and to listen to the music composed for the installation on SoundCloud, click here

September Open House, Open Studios

Join us as we open the studios of our three resident artists; Zeljko McMullen, Lary 7 and Maximillian Lawrence-- three multidisciplinary artists working in sound, light, installation and performance. The "Ensemble of Seven" perform semi-improvised experiments in our main gallery, featuring Lary 7 (double bass), Mia Theodokatus (harp), Masami Tomihisa (percussion), Michael Evans (percussion), and Patrick Holmes (clarinet). Zeljko McMullen is a Brooklyn based artist who works primarily in Electronic music composition, video, installation and performance art. Through musical recordings, video ritual and live performance, McMullen attempts to explore the polarity between presence and absence, being and non-being, place and non-place, and the solid and the intangible. Maximillian Lawrence has worked with print making, sculpture, sound installation and light installation. Through his use of unique materials such as; acrylic nails, synthetic hair, beading, wire and electrical circuits, Lawrence explores modern day societies' fascination with consumerism.