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Sabisha Friedberg: Interstice

In this residency at the Clocktower Gallery, Sabisha Friedberg paired her visual practice in drawing and painting with music composition to address the theme of interstice - that which intervenes between things, or breaks what is continuous. Drawings and songs are presented as renderings of a thematic existence of an in-between; an effusive emotive state existing between defined lines is explored in a musical performance presented by Friedberg in the Clocktower’s Upper Gallery.

The performance, taking place as a concert in the Upper Gallery in the Fall of 2012, alludes to a period in the early part of the Century, circa 1912, characterized by curious societal tensions, and odd and contradictory movements artistically and musically. Friedberg performed, with five New York-based musicians, both constructed and improvisational melodies and interstitial musical weavings presented as a single passage. The original songs hark to the craft of the ‘teens music, contorting the arrangements of then-popular ballads while introducing experimental arrangements and acousmatic treatments.

The piece is comprised, both visually and musically, of an extracted past which has been re-contextualized with the constant of conveying a common emotive state, beginning in an old framework and held in the interpretive line of the new armature, this sentimental space joining them. These songs and images are renderings of the unseen or not readily perceived structures. Lyrics address themes of detached otherworldliness and, as if in reflection, earthly desires and longings.

Friedberg delves into the historicity of the subject while considering its context and relevance in contemporaneity, addressing the certain substance or emotion that connects the two. The piece explores themes of longing, melancholy, reverie, farewells and goings, and is ultimately dedicated to the in-between, ever-present forms that dwell in perpetuity, both wondrous and ominous.

Closing celebration for the Clocktower Gallery!

A closing celebration in the Clocktower Gallery's historic building, home to groundbreaking exhibitions, performances, residencies, and radio. After 40 years, this is the absolute final public event for this legendary alternative space. Among some surprises, the festivities include odes to the Clocktower from former Clocktower artists of all generations, and a peek into the future. The event is free and open to the public and RSVP is mandatory, so please do so at the Brown Paper Tickets link below. Featured artists for the event include: Sabisha Friedberg is both a visual artist and composer, who interweaves her dual skills into multifaceted creations. Friedberg is currently an Artist-in-Residence 2013 at ISSUE Project Room and has participated in The Bourges International Electro-Acoustic Music Competition (France). A member of the "DJ elite", DJ Shakey spins with the best of them at venues such as Gemini & Scorpio, Rubulaud, House of Yes, Bass filled Mischief, Dubday Mondays, among many more clubs and events. Greg Fox is a drummer, solo performance artist, composer and self-taught student of Taoism and I Ching. Fox runs the label Infinite Limbs Records and performs in collaboration with bands both internationally and at home in the United States.

Sabisha Friedberg

Hailing from Johannesburg, Sabisha Friedberg's composition, performance and installation work draws on the phenomenological and phantasmagorical, exploring perceptual delineation of space through sound, and low-end experiential thresholds. She has performed and presented installations widely in Western and Eastern Europe, Russia, Japan, and the US, and recently received commissions through residencies at ISSUE Project Room, EMPAC, and The Clocktower Gallery. In 2013 she presented the solo exhibition Levitation at Audio Visual Arts. In 2014 she was included in MoMA/ PS1's first record There will Never be Silence. The Hant Variance, recorded with Peter Edwards has been released in 2015 as a double-vinyl on ISSUE Project Room's new label Distributed Objects. Friedberg received her MFA from Bard College following undergraduate studies at San Francisco Art Institute.