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Nicholas Chatfield-Taylor, Do The Devo

As part of the Clocktower’s music video production program, Nicholas Chatfield-Taylor paired up with Brooklyn-based band Unstoppable Death Machines to produce an animated music video for their single, “Do The Devo.” Taking a live performance, filmed in the main gallery of the Tribeca space in 2012, as its’ starting point, Chatfield-Taylor transformed his project space into an animation studio, complete with a custom-built light table for large drawing sessions, and inspirational ephemera from both his and the bands’ lives. Throughout the duration of the residency, groups of friends and illustrators were invited into the workspace to converse and collaborate on the process of hand-drawing every one of the thousands of individual frames, culminating in a massively chaotic and beautiful distillation of his entire community’s creative efforts.

Nicholas Chatfield-Taylor

Nicholas Chatfield-Taylor has been collaborating with artists and musicians under a broad spectrum of roles – music video director, installation artist, curator, poster designer, publisher, tour manager, party organizer, bike safety instructor, drummer, fashion designer, photographer, professional stage-diver and probably another whole laundry list of things we haven’t been able to keep up with. In this interview, we listen to a number of musicians who Nick has made videos for, including Man Forever, Parts & Labor, Ninjasonik, Matt & Kim, Star Fucking Hipsters and Pterodactyl. We'll also be getting peeks at a track by his own band, Psychomania, along with other musicians who he’s worked with and have inspired him, including Leaders, Japanther, Dan Friel, Cerebral Ballzy, Puppies, Mirky-J and the Goddamn Rattlesnake. We also hear the track “Do the Devo” by Unstoppable Death Machines, around which Nick’s residency at The Clocktower Gallery is based, and hear about the painstaking process with which this video is being produced over the next month. For more information beyond this interview, read Nick’s project page.


The Clocktower Gallery presents MVT 2 (Music Video Time), the second in a series of music video screenings organized by Nicholas Chatfield-Taylor and Joe Ahearn. The program showcased work from emerging music video directors for Dan Deacon, Das Racist, Big Freedia, Man Forever, Guardian Alien, Parts & Labor, Titus Andronicus, and others; previous works by Chatfield-Taylor; and was the world premiere of Unstoppable Death Machine's "Do The Devo," a hand-drawn, crowd-sourced music video produced during Chatfield-Taylor's residency at the Clocktower. The screening included work from Ben O'Brien, Bob Weisz, Casey Coleman, Jay Buim, Matt Marlin, Lucas Crane, Thomas De Napoli, Scott & Karl, Guillaime Panariello, Dennis Roberts and others. The night also featured Thanksgiving Deux, Dinnervisuals, a totally edible sculpture/video installation by Thu Tran and Christopher Duffy, which was developed over the duration of Tran’s residency at the Clocktower. The very same night Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels' Crystal Cavern celebrated its closing while Babycastles offered a preview of their Babyharvester installation in collaboration with Slice Harvester.

MVT3 (Music Video Time 3)

Clocktower presents MVT3, the third program of the MVT trilogy series highlighting new and innovative music across all genres, celebrating the musicians and directors that create them in a way that is lost in an age of YouTube distribution and smartphone viewing. Screened in a one-night-only set of a dozen "living rooms" equipped with televisions, couches, and coffee tables for you and your gang to commandeer while watching all 32 music video cuts. See full list of music videos below. Both before and after the screening, performances live-score new video work. Click HERE for the Facebook event! Living Room Set Performances: Before - RONiiA with live video by Ginny Benson After- Todd Chandler and Marshall LaCount livescoring a film by Todd Chandler Music Videos: (Director) // (Band) // (Song) Carson Mell // Bobby Bird // Rock N' Roll Carson Mell // Bobby Bird // Album Covers Ian Vañek // Cheeky Blakk // Ride Fah Jay Buim // College ft. Nola Wren // Save The Day Andrew Jeffrey Wright // Dan Deacon // Feel The Lightning Nick Chatfield-Taylor // Dan Friel // Thumper Fletcher Wolfe // emilyn brodsky // Born Again Serban Ionescu // Fantasmes // The Shadow Self Ryan Muir // Fat Tony // BKNY

MVT3: Nick Chatfield-Taylor, Jay Buim, and Joe Ahearn

Nick Chatfield-Talylor and Jay Buim meet up with Joe Ahearn in preparation for Clocktower's audio-visual extravaganza MVT3 scheduled for release on April 15th. The trio lay out the ideas behind the MVT series and play songs selected from the 32 featured music videos. Like those in the series before it, the third MVT program highlights new and innovative music across all genres, celebrating the musicians and directors that create them in a way that is lost in an age of YouTube distribution and smartphone viewing. Keep on top of it all through the Facebook event HERE!