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Carly Ptak

Carly Ptak has been described as a circuit-bender, photographer, spiritual mentalists, professional hypnotherapist, experimental vocalist and all-around seeker. She moved from Ann Arbor to Chicago with her now husband Twig Harper and spent their days running Mystery Spot, a furniture junk shop. In 2001 Ptak and Harper moved to Baltimore and bought a three story house and dubbed it Tarantula Hill, which they described it as a cross between a psychedelic dollhouse and Unabomber’s shack. With their passion for music, Ptak and Harper comprise now legendary noise outfit Nautical Almanac and have created a record label, Heresee, in Tarantula Hill.

Tarantula Hill was victim to a fire which inspired her and to take a vision quest to Peru, get married and to incorporate video and lights into their live performances. She also attended hypnotherapy school and now runs her own business as a hypnotherapist.