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Focus on Puerto Rico : Andria Morales

Andria Morales (b.1982, New York) is a visual artist and member of the Internet-based duo Escobar-Morales. Her work explores identity through a variety of media and collaborative experiments.


Morales' artwork portrays different facets of identity, exploring personal and cultural narratives through a variety of media. She is fascinated by the complex and elusive nature of selfhood in society, and her sculpture is focused on the creation of objects that express individuality. These objects are Morales' idea of “contemporary artifacts” that suggest information about herself and the culture in which she lives from an imaginative perspective.


For Focus Puerto RicoMorales will install a custom audio electronics store at the 777 International Mall. She plans to expand on her work with wearable and portable audio, such as bikes and bodywear inspired by urban life.

The store will be a display showcase and an immersive sound environment where people can listen to pre-recorded and live audio, and try on devices. The audio store will also be a front for a 3D-printed document copy service. Customers can select from the models on display and place an order for a custom copy of any document, to be shipped when ready. The made-to-order 3D-printed document service copies and makes alterations to social security cards, birth certificates, licenses and currency including checks and money orders.