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Focus On Puerto Rico : Ulrik López

The work of Ulrik López (b.1989México City) is concerned with the exchange and circulation of objects, and their transition from ideas to phenomena in relation to space. 


As of recent, López has been studying architectural building software and honing in on the illustration of space construction and ground finishing-working on a series of site-specific projects using lime pigmentation.


Operating within the traditions of "Land Art", otherwise known as "Earthwork", López is adopting similar approaches from the field of "archeo- acoustics" and land works to explore ideas about the beginning of the consciousness and the sculptural object and architecture, as mythological and sacred spaces. Myth, sound, and land as means to re-think the colonial past, and build a present from fragments and ruins, to be perceived as new wholes.

López would like to use the residency period to focus on the skills with this material as well as make a series of sculptures and drawings with it. He proposes a culminating project that incorporates site-specific material and architectural mapping. The overall concept is anchored in material consciousness, as expressed in the space between sculpture, architecture, drawing, and earth.