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Focus On Puerto Rico : Shanti Lalita Gallard

Shanti Lalita Gallard is a cellist, composer, writer, and producer who's practice centers around the creation of soundscapes; translating poetry into music and vice-versa.


As a working proposal for the Focus on Puerto Rico residency, Shanti Gallard presents "Difracción / Diffraction", an exploration of narrative through repetitive sound.


The work done during the residency will focus on creating sound art narratives from and about the diaspora, diffraction being a metaphor for the dispensation of Puerto Ricans across the globe.

Exploring the concept of diffraction - defined as the movement of sound as it spreads as a consequence of bending around un-transparent obstacles - Shanti Lalita Gallard will use mediums such as organic sounds created with acoustic instruments, electronically generated effects and noise, and recordings recollected from different environments.