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Focus On Puerto Rico : Daniel Bejar

Daniel Bejar is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in New York. His work considers and critiques the representation of history, place, and the self within the structures of power that encompass our physical and digital worlds.


Through forms of performance and intervention, Bejar inserts himself and his work into public sites and systems (such as Google search engines, Google Maps, protest rallies at Republican National conventions, and a no-fly zone over the Super Bowl in New Jersey) to construct new narratives within the public realm.


During his residency, Bejar will be will be continuing his ongoing project “Rec-elections”, which uses appropriated historical presidential campaign posters and slogans and reintroduces them into the present political landscape through site-specific interventions, performance, prints, and merchandise.

As Bejar’s studio is a glass storefront that faces the street, he is to create a site-specific installation of historical campaign slogans on the windows of the studio. Impersonating the other stores in the Downtown Miami area with advertisements all over their windows, his studio will become a store that advertises an American myth founded on concepts of "manifest destiny" and exclusion.