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Focus On Puerto Rico : Awilda Sterling + Laura Rodríguez

Awilda Sterling is an experimentalist, independent, multidisciplinary artist.

Laura Rodríguez is a young filmmaker, documentarian and multidisciplinary artist from Puerto Rico.


Laura Rodríguez and Awilda Sterling started collaborating 2015 directing a short documentary entitled "A Flor de Labio," that recollects the mind-body experience of a group of elderly residents within the context of an artist community project commissioned by the Puerto Rico Museum of Contemporary Art.


"En-Cierro" is an artistic collaboration between Awilda Sterling, a long-term career visual artist, and Laura Rodríguez, an emergent artist and videographer.

It was conceived in a Lighting Studio Shooting in 2015, experimenting to merge together visual descriptions into experimental dance, video installations, sound and performance art for its premiere at a Residency Program for the Center of Performing & Visual Arts in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The term evolves from and through various levels of "solitary confinement" manifested physically, emotionally, and politically. This exploratory concept works as an open platform that transcends generational boundaries. The piece’s primary intention is to connect with nearby communities by means of talks, video showings, movement and dance workshops concerning an exchange of common issues about politics, culture, gender, art, or any other given communal concern.

The embodied practice is expected to work as an ethnographic experience and is envisioned as a work-in- progress to be shared and explored with resident peers and surrounding families as well.