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DJ Black Helmet

Azikiwe Mohammed, aka DJ Black Helmet, has been DJ'ing in and around New York since 2005. His series Your Boy Black Helmet journeys through genres, words, and continents, focusing mostly on jams that are righteous and ready for wave surfing, for the crates are bountiful and we all should partake in the eternal harvest.


Your Boy Black Helmet Vol. 57

Spring is the most hype but also nah chill at the same damn time. As such, may you proceed with speed and may your surfing be as wavy as the season promises.


Your Boy Black Helmet Vol 55

This week was art fair week. You maybe saw the stuffs, did some stuffs, heard some stuffs at the other stuffs. These are the tunes DJ Black Helmet was hearing during a lot of those stuffs, plus another political option, plus a surprise gift from some deep cut friends 79.5 at minute 16, plus thank yhall for tuning in.


The Box in the Majilis

The programme takes the form of an imaginary audio tour for the blind and partially sighted, guiding museum visitors around a room in the exhibition, ‘The Box in the Majilis’. The exhibition contains objects that illustrate the changing role of radio broadcasting and reception in the United Arab Emirates between 1950-1990s.


Your Boy Black Helmet Vol. 56

This batch of Your Boy Black Helmet is not for the cats that don’t rock with jazz, which there are many more of than I had anticipated in these music streets.