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Ben Mortimer

Benjamin Mortimer is a photographer and builder from New York City. He started off his career building 'freak bikes' for Black Label Bicycle Club in an obvious attempt to hurt his friends. This drew the interest of Madagascar Institute where he helped work on projects guided by their mantra “Fear is never Boring”. This in turn led to the "living art" experiments of the Swimming Cities raft project which brought Ben to India, and down the Ganges on 5 handmade motorcycle driven paddle-wheel boats.


Anxious Spaces: Installation as Catalyst II

Clocktower presents the second annual group exhibition Anxious Spaces: Installation as Catalyst, featuring a selection of artists whose work incorporates dynamic and time-based elements, ranging from robotic interactivity to performance events to social intervention. Knockdown Center's cathedral-like complex, with its breathtaking expanse, mysterious sub-chambers, surprise annexes, and hidden pockets is a dream environment for site-specific and installation art. Taken together, the architecture and the artworks transform the space into a surreal bazaar of curiosities for the adventurous. Anxious Spaces exhibits and installations by Will Ryman, Molly Lowe, Tim Bruniges, Aurora Halal, Lucas Abela, Prince Rama, Audra Wolowiec, and Ben Mortimer are on view at Knockdown Center through July 26, 2015 Saturdays and Sundays, from 2 to 6pm. Or by appointment. More on the installations: