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Rachel Haberstroh

Rachel Haberstroh is an artist, writer, activist, and educator. She plays with light, builds games, directs faux exercise videos, organizes Millennial Focus Group, and belongs to an intersectional feminist studio collective. She is an educational programmer at Pioneer Works.


Risograph for Activism

For this inaugural episode of In Session, we are joined by Paul John and Lee Hunter to discuss the role of printed material in resistance.


Fact Craft

In their Second Sundays interview, Pioneer Works' very own Rachel Haberstroh and Katie Giritlian discuss the launch of their new series Fact Craft.


In Session: Tactical Theatrics

Go back to the future with Anna Scime and Liz Flyntz to see what we can learn from activist media makers of the past. Igor Vamos also weighs in on performance artists versus protestors, and the role of mischief in media making.