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Joey Frank


Intercourse Radio

From the rib of Pioneer Works' annual publication Intercourse Magazine comes Intercourse Radio. The aural extension of its printed counterpart, Intercourse Radio is a collection of interviews and audio highlights to further feed your inter-disciplinary curiosities.


Esperanza Spalding and Yuka Honda

This Intercourse gives us interviews with the wonderful Esperanza Spalding and Yuka C. Honda, as well as a recording of Virgin Writes.


Elizabeth Streb and Lisa Randall

During this Intercourse, Elizabeth Streb talks about what's necessary and what's efficient and Lisa Randall discusses image manipulation.


Milford Graves and Jean-Daniel Lafontant

In this episode of IntercourseMilford Graves and Jean-Daniel Lafontant discuss the connections between vodou drumming, heartbeat rhythms, and political revolution.


John Ashbery

In this episode of Intercourse, hear John Ashberry read from his selected works. American authors Geoffery O'BrienBen LernerMonica de la Torre, and John Yau discuss Ashberry's influence.