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Theme for a Major Hit, 1974

“It ain’t what you make, it’s what makes you do it.”

Motor driven marionette 24” high, 2 hour recording, circular stage, spotlight.

Jim Ballard, vocals; Roger Welch, drums; Bill Beckley, guitar/vocals; Christa Maiwald, vocals; John Shole, lead guitar; Diego Cortez, electric organ; Connie Beckley, vocals; Dennis Oppenheim, lyrics. Recorded at Angel Sound, N.Y.C.

A motor-driven marionette from Dennis Oppenheim’s 1974 Theme for a Major Hit, waltzes to the artist’s original sound piece, "It ain't what you make, it's what makes you do it," in the Clocktower Gallery entrance. With a facsimile of Oppenheim's face and a preternatural ability to keep the beat, this seductive yet confounding piece exemplifies a key phase in the artist's body of work.