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Secret Courtyard

The Clocktower Gallery and its art radio station present Secret Courtyard, three evenings for listening and lounging under the Venetian stars during the opening week of the 2011 Biennale, produced in association with artist and composer Roberto Paci Dalò.

On June 1, 2, and 3 from 9 p.m. to midnight, Curator Alanna Heiss and the producers of filled one of the courtyards adjacent to the Piazza San Marco with an adventurous radio mix featuring Italian sound artists, composers, soundtracks, and bands, as well as guest performers. Lighting and audio art were presented by artist Roberto Paci Dalò. Visitors to the site delighted in hearing historic broadcasts, electronic experiments, innovative bands, and guest performances by Massimo Simonini on the prepared theremin and Paci Dalò on clarinet and bass clarinet.

During the day the courtyard operated as the headquarters for where we recorded, collected, produced, archived, and distributed radio programs to listeners about the Biennale, Venice, and all the surrounding hijinx.