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Robot Radio

For the 2011 Venice Biennale, will collaborate with Czech artist Federico Díaz on Robot Radio, a selection of radio programs and music which amplify the process and illuminate the historic precedents of outside itself, an interactive robotic art installation presented by Díaz at the Arsenale Novissimo, Nappa 90. On June 1st at 5:00pm for the opening of Díaz’s piece, Robot Radio will be present at the Arsenale to broadcast interviews, illustrations, and demonstrations featuring artists, scientists, and classic creations on the topics of art and technology, science fiction, the medium of radio, and communications technology. Examples will range from the mechanical bird in Fellini's Casanova to the theremin-serenaded robot in The Day The Earth Stood Still to the kinetic works of Tinguely, the player pianos of Conlon Nancarrow, the automatons of Trimpin, smart machines like those by Felix Hess, and music works created for the programmable grand piano, the Disklavier.