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“Transmissions, Long Tones in A and E” will be performed by no more than 10 musicians who will be spread all around Pioneer Works. The intent with positioning is to install each player far enough apart in order to create and allow individual voicings to be heard in addition to the one voice of Transmissions and ultimately, and most importantly, the voice of the space. What’s more, the audience will be encouraged to download the iOS App called Transmissions, an app that was designed by the artist (Pat Noecker) and developed by Johann Diedrick for the act of audience-participation in the piece. TRANSMISSIONS is like an audio speaker: The space is the resonant casing or sheath, the audience members with the Transmissions app are the tweeters and the ensemble is the woofer. This advent is very exciting as it allows the audience to participate and engage with this work as a “people piece.” Transmissions is a work built for audience contribution. The cell phone becomes a uniting force and what’s revealed is the power and possibility of the collective expression when aided by technology.