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The Celeste Lab 2011

Friday November 11th was a special day of performances, streamcasts, exhibitions, interviews, and network events as part of the Celeste Prize days in NYC that took take place at The Invisible Dog Art Center. Visit The Celeste Prize website to learn more about The Celeste Prize. The Celeste Lab project, hosted by Roberto Paci Dalò and David Weinstein, can be found in the Radio Archive on

Along with the Celeste Lab streamcasts visitors of The Invisible Dog Art Center were treated with exhibits of painting, photographs, video, installations, and performances. Each global participant had its own content using streams displayed on-site for the local public. The Celeste Lab streamcast from The Invisible Dog Art Center in Brooklyn, as well as direct feeds from worldwide partners – a form of classical radio broadcasting plus internet streaming – is a mix of live interactions as well as recordings in a free-style production of different media (sound, video, performance, net, radio, and conversations). hosted live programs and was a radio studio made visible - and tangible - to the public attending The Invisible Dog.

A component of the exhibition event was Producing Censorship, an exhibition and panel which explored new forms of censorship. Curated by Aria Spinelli and Jason Waite, the work reflected and intervened on the conditions of information production, the apparatus of power and its relationship to new forms of censorship.

The Invisible Dog is located at 51 Bergen Street, Brooklyn, New York.