Our thoughts go out to Puerto Rico during this difficult time.

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Our thoughts go out to Puerto Rico during this difficult time.

Venice 2011: Roberto Paci Dalo, Six Memos

AIR's David Weinstein interviews Roberto Paci Dalo, creator of Six Memos, an installation of light and sound in Piazza San Marco's Secret Courtyards based on recordings made in Williamsburg's Hasidic community. In this program, Paci Dalo discusses his work and why he chose to exhibit in the Secret Courtyards. Host to archeological rarities and sculptures from antiquity, these Secret Courtyards were also AIR's Venice Biennale homebase.

A pioneer in the use of digital technologies and telecommunication systems in art, particularly interested in performing arts as a meeting point of languages, Paci Dalo has written, composed, and directed almost 30 music-theatre works that have been presented worldwide. Parallel to his musical work, Paci Dalo's films and video works have been presented in numerous international festivals. His dramaturgical materials are frequently re-composed in sound and video installations – often site specific and interactive – presented in museums, galleries, and the public space.



Venice Biennale


A series of talk and musical programs assembled from our various trips to Venice for the Biennale dating back to 2005. The programs range from round table discussions to interviews to DJ sets to virtual pavilions rendered in music and sound. On two occasions (2005 and 2007) we broadcast live on Italian FM radio from a boat moored near the Giardini. In 2011 our roving reporters covered the scene while the interview booth was headquartered near Piazzo San Marco. We also partnered with artist Federico Diaz and his sculpture-building robots at the Arsenale to design a special series called Robot Radio. 2013 brought us together with LaRete Art Projects and the Venice Agendas series produced by workinprogress for interviews and discussions.