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Tina Sauerländer, peer to space

Daniel Durning in a discussion about the Berlin art scene with independent curator Tina Sauerländer, director of peer to space, headquartered in Berlin, who specializes in Internet art and curates international exhibits with a focus on new media.

Want to know why Germany has always been a bastion for new media artists? And How does an American artist get to show their work in Berlin? Tune in.

From the project Web site:
peer to space is a mindset which combines the concept of peer-to-peer networking with the ideas of space, freedom, and openness to artistic expression. peer to space is not an actual place but occupies other spaces to realize exhibitions and further projects related to art dealing with the world we live in now. peer to space was founded by Maja Block and Tina Sauerländer in Munich, Germany in 2010.

Recorded March 9, 2016.