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Self-made Instruments, Pt. 1

The self-made instrument almost literally comes alive in this concert, presented by P.S.1 Adjunct Curator Kazue Kobata and recorded at Tokyo's Plan B.

Tomomi Adachi plays two instruments: first, a Tomoring (a percussion instrument resembling a xylophone but made of combs, strainers, an electric toothbrush, springs, platters and a personal fan); and then a Tomomin, a humming, Theremin-type oscillator that he plays by moving his hands over it (if you listen closely, you will also hear him play a fife made out of a zucchini).

The program's second half features Junji Hirose who is an improvisational saxophonist. The instrument he plays here, however, has no name. It is made of two bicycle wheels mounted on a metallic stand (thank you, Marcel Duchamp!) and is played with cymbals, sticks, knitting needles, a violin bow and other gadgets.


Our Correspondents: Tokyo


Tokyo correspondent Kazue Kobata delivers the latest culture from Japan.