Curious What we're been up to This Spring? Look No Further--Our concert series, Site : Sound, is now Up! 


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Listen now to the audio portrait of our spring concert series, Site : Sound. 


Rosemarie Fiore

Rosemarie Fiore is an artist, a Bronx native and one among a robust many claiming to have created the largest spirograph in history. She chats with Will Corwin about working in partnership with lawnmowers, scramblers and pinball machines, all of which she has employed to make her art. Her installations appeal to many of the senses, and she describes how the often annoying sounds of everyday machinery can become a vehicle of meditation and focus. She also waxes poetical about the life lessons learned from Evel Knievel and his fated jump at Snake River Canyon; nota bene, young daredevils (31 minutes).


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