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Richie Temperio

In The Greatest Interview Show of All Time's ongoing oral history of Williamsburg, Will finds Richie Temperio, curator and gallerist extraordinaire, at home in Sideshow, his gallery on
South 2nd Street. Richie talks about being an artist in
Williamsburg way back when, and provides some intriguing details about
the very beginnings of the art scene there; and we're not talking the early-90s here--we're talking the 60s and
70s, people! He then recounts stories of his offbeat
gallery space, from hanging his friends work in a local Thai
restaurant for free beer to creating one of the most well-known
alternative spaces--a "sideshow," if you will--to the ostensible main
event taking place in a concurrent Chelsea gallery exhibit (31 minutes).


The Interview Show


Interviews with artists, singers, producers, and curators. Including David Hockney, Sarah Lucas, Marilyn Minter and many more, hosted by artist Will Corwin.