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Phil Aarons

Coming down from the high of the success of his book and exhibition In Numbers,
Serial Publications By Artists
, curator Phil Aarons discusses with Will his work with Printed Matter, where he is Board President. He also shares his encyclopedic knowledge of
artist serial publications--or, for those more keen on brevity, 'zines--and gets into the
knitty gritty of what makes a 'zine: does it need
to be published more than two times? Xeroxed or mimeographed after
hours at one's day job? Is it okay if it has a high production value, and uses Photoshop as
opposed to glue stick technology? A thoroughly engaging and insightful discussion
on the curious place of these serial publications (33 minutes).


The Interview Show


Artist Will Corwin conjures, compels, and consoles in an effort to profile people, places, movements, materials, trends, techniques, and make broadcast history.