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Neil Greenberg, The Great Richmond

In the midst of his nomadic wanderings throughout the United States, cartographer Neil Greenberg visits the Clocktower Radio studios to discuss once and future maps. The love affair began, not with Amerigo Vespucci, but with a detail map of downtown DC from the 1984 AAA USA road atlas. Neil’s current project, The Great Richmond (a collaboration with Will Corwin, in the interest of full disclosure) is on display at Staten Island Arts in the Staten Island Ferry Terminal through January 4, 2014 on the Staten Island Side.

Neil’s earlier and ongoing project Fake Omaha, an imaginary urban testing ground for everything from efficient traffic patterns to better schools, was presented at The Storefront for Art and Architecture and chronicled in Triple Canopy and Esopus Magazine. He also created a functioning and efficient transit for the Detroit metro area with Freshwater Railway (sigh, it wasn't real either). The current real-world project Greenberg is working on is the transit map for Honolulu, for which there will need to be a great deal of on-site research!


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