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Miroslav Vitous and Joe Farrell

Selections from two albums recorded in the summer of 1970 are featured: Purple, by Miroslav Vitous, was a precursor to the creation of the jazz fusion supergroup Weather Report, and brings the bassist together with Joe Zawinul's electric piano and Billy Cobham's drums, and includes a guest appearance by guitarist John McLaughlin. McLaughlin also makes a cameo appearance on the second album sampled here: Quartet, by reedman Joe Farrell. Farrell chose as his rhythm section a great trio combination taken from the personnel of the Miles Davis Quintet of the day: Chick Corea on piano, Dave Holland on bass, and Jack DeJohnette on drums. (57 minutes)


Microgroove Music


A survey of classic jazz vinyl from the astonishing collection of author, historian, collector, and DJ, Cliff Preiss.