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Marton Csokas, Asylum/The Great Raid/Aeon Flux

A New Zealander with a Hungarian surname, Marton Csokas is making his mark starring in a variety of roles on an international scale. Csokas began acting at home, working in the Xena syndicated TV series and then winning raves as the handsome drifter who has an affair with an unhappy wife in New Zealand filmmaker Christine Jeffs's Rain. Since that launch, Csokas has been seen as the evil French knight in Ridley Scott's Crusades drama Kingdom of Heaven; as the selfish POW who jeopardizes his fellow soldiers with his escape attempts in John Dahl's The Great Raid; and most effectively as the tormented, mentally ill, wife-killing psychiatric patient who falls in love with his doctor's wife - Natasha Richardson - in David Mackenzie's Asylum. Csokas also co-stars with Charlize Theron in Karyn Kusama's elaborate sci-fi adventure, Aeon Flux, as yet another villain.


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