In Downtown Miami, our Focus On Puerto Rico residency program is in full swing. Learn more about our Residents and upcoming FOP program events. 


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In Downtown Miami, our Focus On Puerto Rico residency program is in full swing. 


Joyce Pensato

Sometimes all you want to do is get out of Brooklyn! After being told by everybody--Mike Ballou, Marilyn Minter, Ward Shelley, Greg Volk and Bruce Pearson--that an oral history of the Williamsburg art scene wouldn't be complete without Joyce Pensato, we finally lured her to the Clocktower. A Brooklyn native, Joyce's instantly recognizable paintings and charcoal drawings of Mickey, Elmo, and Homer have become an international sensation. She's been there from the beginning for most of Williamsburg's most famous art institutions, even if those institutions got their start somewhere else. Take, for example, the debut exhibit at Four Walls, in Hoboken, which featured a two-person show with Joyce and Christopher Wool. She discusses hanging in there, holding on to a studio, and that amazing moment when everything starts to go right. Also, concurrent with the release of this broadcast is Joyce's solo show at the Hotel Gallery in London through 26 February 2011.


The Interview Show


Artist Will Corwin conjures, compels, and consoles in an effort to profile people, places, movements, materials, trends, techniques, and make broadcast history.