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Heavyw8bit Championchip

The Heavyw8bit Championchip live event took place March 1st, 2011 at the Clocktower Gallery, co-produced by DJ Shakey and Banglinclude as part of their radio series. Hailing from parts unknown, Heavyw8bit's aspiring pro wrestling career was tragically cut short when he broke his pinky toe in a Japanese death match. After quickly being rushed to a Tokyo hospital, Dr. Mario informed the grappler that he would never fully recover from the injury. With his wrestling career over, Heavyw8bit defends the 'championchip' with an arsenal of custom home-brew software designed for 1980's technology, including the patented NESK-1, which transforms a Nintendo NES into a playable synthesizer. What 'cha gonna do when Heavyw8bitmania runs wild on you??!

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