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Fid Q and MC Midnight (Tanzania)

Charlie Ahearn hosts the star MC Fid Q and MC Midnight, both from Tanzania, when they stopped by the Clocktower recording studios in 2011. They share some fresh tracks complete with Swahili rhymes, extraordinary African singers, and live freestyles both in-session and from a Brooklyn backyard party. Fid Q drops a potent mix of music he loves and talks about the state of African hip hop. Tega sikio muziki mzuri sana.



Yes Yes Y'all


Charlie Ahearn invites hip-hop, DJ and dance world elites and up-and-comers up to the Clocktower studios to talk history and music. Ahearn, a foundational figure in the hip-hop and DJ scenes, is the director of the movie Wild Style and co-author of the book Yes Yes Y'All.