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Faye Driscoll, 837 Venice Boulevard

In 837 Venice Boulevard, director and choreographer Faye
Driscoll revisits her childhood while examining the
construct of identity and how we blame the world for our
problems. The act of looking to her childhood for
answers became a metaphor for the human compulsion to
place blame -- whether with parents, lovers, society, or
ourselves. This dance theater piece uses text and song
generated in collaboration with the three performers,
who throughout the work manipulate each other like
puppets, poking fun at how we are all constantly
telegraphing who we are, based on who we think other
people perceive us to be. Using physical manipulation
and humor, 837 Venice Boulevard paints the lonesome
emotional landscape of a neglected kid left to her own
fantasies and fears, while exploring universal themes of
identity, blame, and how exhausting it is to have to "be
somebody" all the time.


HERE Arts Center Radio


Clocktower Radio’s series of recorded HERE programming. HERE builds a community that nurtures career artists as they create innovative hybrid live performance in theatre, dance, music, puppetry, media and visual art through residencies, event production, and commissions.

Since 1993, HERE has been one of New York’s most prolific producing organizations, and today, it stands at the forefront of the city’s presenters of daring new hybrid art. HERE supports multidisciplinary work that does not fit into a conventional programming agenda. Our aesthetic represents the independent, the innovative, and the experimental: HERE has developed such acclaimed works as Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues; Basil Twist’s Symphonie Fantastique; Basil Twist and Joey Arias' Arias with a Twist; Hazelle Goodman’s On Edge; Young Jean Lee's Songs of The Dragons Flying To Heaven; Trey Lyford & Geoff Sobelle’s all wear bowlers; Faye Driscoll's837 Venice Boulevard; Taylor Mac's The Lily's Revenge and original musical and dance works created and directed by HERE Co-Founder and Artistic Director Kristin Marting.

NB: Clocktower Radio was launched by MoMA/PS1 in 2004 as the Web's first art radio station. It has been independent since 2009 and is licensed to host content created under PS1 management. Programs produced prior to 2011 may refer to our earlier URLs and station IDs, including,, and Art International Radio. For the complete history of Clocktower Radio, read our Mission & History section.