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Bill Hare, Scottish Endarkenment

During the last week of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer, host Will Corwin walks through the Dovecot Gallery and discusses The Scottish Endarkenment exhibition with curator Bill Hare. Hare organized the exhibition with Andrew Patrizio, and it is a witty and in-depth look at strains of anarchism, criticality and nihilistic thought in Scottish art since 1945, set against the backdrop of the Rationality of the Scottish Enlightenment. Rather than David Hume and Robert burns, this show embraces the chaotic and dark ideas of Stevenson's Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and the even more subversive "Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner," by James Hogg, a subversive text that Will has not been able to put down. It also introduces international Listeners to recent feminist and figurative art movements in Scotland. Featuring the work of over 25 artists including Georgia Hogan, Eduardo Paolozzi, Douglas Gordon, Alan Davie, John Bellamy, Shona MacNaughton, Joan Eardley, Peter Thomson, Julie Roberts, Jonathan Owen, and Beagles and Ramsay.


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