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Ben Vida and Lawrence Kumpf

Issue Project Room's artistic director Lawrence Kumpf sits down with artist and composer Ben Vida whose Clocktower project takes place during February/March 2013. (Then he moves over to Issue to continue the work.) They discuss Vida's work as a composer and the ideas that he works to address with analog and digital synthesizer technology. The composer says that he is interested in using the musical device as a means to interpret scores. The result can ultimately be realized in different mediums such as LP's and books. By using a synth, Vida is able to create organic patterns and shapes.

The two also discuss Vida's numerous collaborative projects and his upcoming performances with other composers. This includes the video piece that Vida is working on at the Clocktower. The piece involves other performers interpreting an original score, provided by the composer. Several tracks from Vida's previous LP's, including his 2012 album "Esstends Esstends Esstends", are played during the interview.


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