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Ashcan Orchestra Performance

Hosted by Joe Ahearn
Ashcan Orchestra set at Clocktower Gallery, photo by Erica Stine
Ashcan Orchestra set at Clocktower Gallery, photo by Erica Stine

Apollo's Accidental Anwer, is an opera based on the myth of Cassandra, following her newly granted power to see into the past. Her visions form a creation story that ranges from the big bang to human civilization, all of which takes place in her room, and her mind's "eye." This performance of the first part was developed and presented at the Clocktower Gallery during the artist production residency of P. Spadiine and the Ashcan Orchestra in 2012.

The Ashcan Orchestra is simultaneously the audio/visual work of composer P. Spadine, a large collection of toy, re-appropriated, and "real" instruments, and a revolving performance ensemble based in Bushwick, NY. Since 2007 the ensemble has been popping up in D.I.Y. style and art house venues thoughout NYC and the eastern seaboard, employing everything from children's handbells, prepared tape recorders, stacks of discarded televisions, homemade circuitry, colored lightbulbs, mirrors, to more widely accepted noisemakers to create new music in forms more familiar than the instrumentation would lead the listener to believe. This process from humble and understandable beginnings to grander and more complex ends, has been a vehicle to both celebrate and emulate the physics that bind the known universe. Hailing from the nefarious Le Wallet, Ashcan has shared space, members, and ideas with many like minded groups, including Chubby Behemoth, LuxLuxLuster, Cavex, PC Worship and The Dreebs.

Performances of the opera at the Clocktower Gallery took place on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, September 12, 13, 14, 2012. Here are the ensemble credits:

Amirtha Kidambi - Cassandra
Elisabeth Halliday - Cassandra's Reflection
Adam Markiewicz - Violin
Hunter Jack - Violin
Philip Panos - Saw
Tim Rusterholz - Cello
Justin Frye - Bass
Shannon Sigley - Percussion
Sam Sowydra - Percussion
Jordan Bernstein - Percussion

This Ashcan Orchestra residency, rehearsals, performance, and recording was made possible by the generous support of the Jerome Foundation.

Originally aired 10/1/12
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