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Aaron Ximm & Ralph Rugoff

Bay Area correspondent Tania Ketenjian opens the debut show of her program with a visit to the quiet storm of sound artist Aaron Ximm, host of San Francisco's weekly "Field Effects" concert series—flush with his field recordings—and Ralph Rugoff, curator of "Baja to Vancouver: The West Coast and Contemporary Art" at the California College of the Arts, which not only dares to reopen the East Coast/West Coast divide but attempts to redefine "regional" contemporary art in a global culture.


Our Correspondents: San Francisco


This series explores the artistic landmarks and icons that live in or visit host Tania Ketenjian's home town, San Francisco. Tania's first foray into radio began at WBAI-FM in New York where she contributed to City in Exile. She now has a weekly program, Sight Unseen, that airs in London and San Francisco. She is also a contributor to Public Radio International's Studio 360, the BBC, the BBC World Service, The Times UK and others. She makes documentaries and teaches audio production, sharing a studio with artists in the Mission district of San Francisco.