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25th Anniversary of Wild Style

Charlie Ahearn centers this show around in the 25th Anniversary of his movie Wild Style and his book Wild Style: The Sampler. Topics and tracks include: the historic retelling of the meeting with The Funky Four and Charlie at The Valley in June 1980; Rappin' and Rockin' The House on Enjoy Records; Rodney Cee's story; That's The Joint on Sugarhill Records; The Sugarhill Convention in Harlem; Funky Four, Fab 5 Freddy, Blondie and Saturday Night live; Rodney's house and the Dixie Flash's Black Door; break up of The Funky Four during pre-production of Wild Style; Stoop Rap and the rise of Double Trouble; Battle with Busy Bee at the Dixie; Double Trouble make their come back at The Amphitheater; Beastie Boys, Triple Trouble; Wild Style film premiere in Tokyo and Times Square; and the influence of the movie and music around the world today.


Yes Yes Y'all


Charlie Ahearn invites hip-hop, DJ and dance world elites and up-and-comers up to the Clocktower studios to talk history and music. Ahearn, a foundational figure in the hip-hop and DJ scenes, is the director of the movie Wild Style and co-author of the book Yes Yes Y'All.