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Venice Biennale 2005



Sonic Youth, Goodbye 20th Century
Colors for Breakfast, A Morning Mix
Venice Music Special: Caged/Uncaged
Cabinessence, Justin Lowe & Mike Hajar
Asian Dub Foundation: Sanjay G's Venice Mix
Venice Love Boat Venice
Venice Special: Mercedes Ruehl in Woman Before a Glass
Venice 2005: Because Tomorrow Comes #4
Venice 2005: Louise Bourgeois Sings
Punita Singh: India Earatica
Arnold Dreyblatt: The Orchestra of Excited Strings
Steve Piccolo, Sound Fetish
Juan Munoz & Gavin Bryars: A Man in a Room, Gambling
Mike Skinner, 8-Track Attack
Venice 2005: Venice Sounds at Sunset: Blacktronica
Peter Coffin: Music for Plants
On the Beach: Salleem Dhamee & Justin Lowe
Venice 2005: WPS1 Venice Music Special: Dennis Oppenheim: Six Tracks
Venice 2005: Stan Douglas: Suspiria
Africa Pavilion: Dola's Hip Hop Gallery