Join us for Interference AV ft. UNDERVOLT & CO, Jlin, Lightning Bolt, and the Sun Ra Arkestra in Feb 2018


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Interference AV ft. UNDERVOLT & CO, Jlin, Lightning Bolt, and the Sun Ra Arkestra


Pioneer Works Radio Channel

This series is devoted to highlighting the artists, events, and innovative programs brought to you by Pioneer Works in Red HookBrooklyn


Pioneer Works is a cultural center dedicated to experimentation, education, and production across disciplines. Through a broad range of educational programs, performances, residencies, and exhibitions, Pioneer Works transcends disciplinary boundaries to foster a community where alternative modes of thought are activated and supported.

Pioneer Works is a non-profit 501(c)(3). 


To learn more about Pioneer Works, and to explore upcoming events, exhibitions, and programs, click here.


In Session: Tactical Theatrics
Fact Craft
John Ashbery
Milford Graves and Jean-Daniel Lafontant
Elizabeth Streb and Lisa Randall
Esperanza Spalding and Yuka Honda
Convergences With Lauren Silbert and Jes Fan
Risograph for Activism
Pioneer Works Supper Club
Second Sundays: SKOTE
Second Sundays With Angel Nevarez and Valerie Tevere
Daytime Viewing with ESPTV
Memory Networks: Helene Nymann + Lauren Silbert
Virgin Writes: Esperanza Spalding & Yuka C. Honda
Doron Sadja, Floating Space
Rana X. Adhikari, Are We Alone?
The Bil Afrah Project & Lions
Hook Files: Crime
Adam Stennett, Arctic Artist Survival Shack
Noura Mint Seymali
Charles Harlan and David Everitt Howe, Flood
School of Apocalypse
John Ashbery, Breezeway
Taiko Masala
A Conversation about John Ashbery
Roscoe Mitchell & Scott Robinson in Conversation
Psychic TV: Genesis Breyer P-Orridge & Edley ODowd
Found Sound Nation: A Living Together
Roscoe Mitchell Live at Pioneer Works
Second Sundays Mixtape (November 2015)
Intercourse Magazine: Dead Moon with Jonah Freeman
Booker Stardrum, Dance And
Second Sundays: Gamelan Yowana Sari and Breakdown Brass
November Second Sundays Artist Interviews
Sabine Blaizin: Second Sundays DJ Set
Second Sundays October Mixtape
Second Sundays Artist Interviews: Ruben Millares and Antonia Wright
Second Sundays: Kaleta & Zozo Afrobeat and Zenen Zeferino y La Verdolaga en Playa
Second Sundays September Mixtape
75 Dollar Bill + Brian Carpenter’s Ghost Train Orchestra
Gravesend + JMC Aggregate
Second Sundays Artist Interviews: Hatim Belyamani, Pretty Sick, Christy Gast, Denise Milstein, Amelia Winger-Bearskin
Afrofunk Sauce
Shezad Dawood
Brooklyn Raga Massive
The Frightnrs, Swing-A-Ling
Eric Banta, Swing-A-Ling
Second Sundays: August Mixtape
Second Sundays Interviews: Mathilde Roussel, Jesse Moretti, Olivier Conan, and Janka Nabay
Los Wembler's
Second Sundays: July Mixtape
Second Sundays: Bulla En El Barrio and Supermambo
Scientific Controversies: Is Reality Beautiful?
Henrique Oliveira and Thomas Beale
En Route: Pioneer Landscape
Second Sundays Interviews: Carmen Bouyer, Azikiwe Mohammed
Second Sundays July 2015: I Love Vinyl
Found Sound Nation: Odetta Hartman, Mobius Percussion, Noveller, Pinegrove
Second Sundays: June 2015 Mixtape
Second Sundays: Rob Curto’s Pé De Serra All-Stars and Innove Gnawa Band
Scientific Controversies: Can We Explain the World?
Found Sound Nation: Port St. Willow, Bombay Rickey, Ian Chang, Margaret Glaspy
Patriot Games with OBAMALLAMADINGDONG, Doe Biden, and American Justice
RAFT: Transmissions
Second Sundays: May 2015 Artist Interviews
Melissa F. Clarke, Cities Are Natural (Composition One)
Second Sundays: May 2015 Mixtape
Melissa F. Clarke, Cities Are Natural (Composition One)
Second Sundays: Xenia Rubinos and Pitch Black Brass Band
Lavar Munroe
Wayne Barker
Ruby Onyinyechi Amanze and Larry Ossei-Mensah
Scientific Controversies: The Goddamn Particle
Charles Lane and Marc Marder, Sidewalk Stories
Found Sound Nation: Florent Ghys
Second Sundays: Artist Interviews, March 2015
Touria El Glaoui
Second Sundays: Stephane Wrembel and Banda De Los Muertos
Living Room Index + Pool
FOAM Interviews: Matthew Leifheit and Cynthia Talmadge
FOAM Interviews: Matthew Porter
FOAM Interviews: Joshua Citarella
Found Sound Nation: Booker Stardrum, Girls and God, Star Rover and Luke Temple
FOAM: Under Construction
Second Sundays: M.A.K.U SoundSystem and Tongues in Trees
Our Education! Is College Worth the Cost?
Second Sundays: Winter in Red Hook
Emily Spivack, Worn Stories
Found Sound Nation: The Westerlies, Zula, and Brandon Seabrook
Second Sundays: Michael Caputo Grammy Special
Christophe de Menil
Second Sundays: Artist Interviews, December 2014
Gianni Jetzer, Curator
Chicha Libre Goes To Sleep
I Love Vinyl with Grandwizzard Theodore
Bosco Sodi, The Last Day
Scientific Controversies: Time's Arrow
Clocktower People & Project Updates 2014
Elissa LeCoque, Kodacrome
Second Sundays: Weyes Blood & Chop and Quench
Isn't Ours (Live)
Second Sundays: Intercourse 3 & Videofreex
Second Sundays: Videofreex
Rachel Sussman, The Oldest Living Things in the World
Second Sundays: Intercourse 3 & Videofreex
Robyn Hasty, Stilt City
Second Sundays: slowLab
Adam Stone
No Mouse Music, Arhoolie Records
Scientific Controversies: Many Worlds
High, Medium, & Low Tech
Graham Nash, Adam Green & Natalie Mering
Second Sundays: Cuddle Magic & Brooklyn Qawwali Party
S4AD: Software for Artists Day
Daniel Horowitz
Second Sundays: Hazmat Modine
Love Letter to John Lurie
Rachel Barnard, Young New Yorkers
Chances With Wolves & 79.5
Second Sundays: Big Lazy & Janka Nabay and the Bubu Gang
Matthew Putman & Paul Roossin, Artificial Intelligence
Pedro Wirz
Drew Conrad, Roadside Attraction
Second Sundays: Chia's Dance Party & Grupo Chonta
Bradley Pitts, Art & Aerospace
Ebe Oke, OBID
PW Interviews: Janna Levin & Cadu
Second Sundays: Ambrosia Parsley & Slavic Soul Party
Daniel Rangel & Lenora De Barros, Poiesis in Praxis
Second Sundays: Five Interviews
James Mercer, Mysterious House
Robyn Hasty, Tintype Project
Second Sundays, Melaza
Second Sundays: Brooklyn, Poland, Bangladesh, & Sudan
Second Sundays: Alsarah & The Nubatones
Second Sundays: Lulu Miller
Feedel Band (Ethiopia/DC)
Second Sundays: Dave Scheinkopf, Cleek Shrey, Jake Nussbaum, Angel Say
Second Sundays: Mandingo Ambassadors & Feedel Band
Second Sundays: James Mercer, Bradley Pitts, Lulu Miller, Redu NYC
Clocktower Launch at Pioneer Works, Interviews 5
Dorit Chrysler & the New York Theremin Society
Clocktower Launch at Pioneer Works, Interviews 4
Second Sundays: Flor de Toloache & Chicha Libre
Clocktower Launch at Pioneer Works, Interviews 3
Clocktower Launch at Pioneer Works, Interviews 2
Clocktower Launch at Pioneer Works, Interviews 1
Mollie McKinley : Salt Priestess